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Cross Border Freedom Immigration Consultants
Cross Border Freedom Immigration Consultants

Since 2000 Having Dedicated
over 22 Years To The Industry,

We’ve built a strong foundation in Global Investments, Citizenship-By-Investment and Residency Programs. We are dedicated to assisting businessmen, entrepreneurs, and investors in securing a second passport or residency in a developed nation through worthwhile investments, ensuring a promising future for both the investor and their families.


Visa Immigration Consultation Services

Investment-based Immigration:

Embark on a fresh journey in a new land by migrating permanently through strategic investments.

Residency through Investment:

Engage in immigrant investment programs, enabling you to acquire a permanent residence in a country by meeting specific investment criteria. Over time, many can transition to full citizenship.

Student Visas:

Obtain authorization to pursue education in renowned institutions of a foreign nation.

Citizenship via Investment:

Secure citizenship in a country by partaking in tailored investment programs. Often, there’s no need to reside or settle in the nation you’re investing in.

Investment Avenues:

Explore a diverse array of properties and investment prospects, which, upon investment, can pave the way for residency or citizenship in the chosen country.

Post-Immigration Assistance:

Comprehensive post-immigration support includes driving license acquisition and bank account setup to enrollment in educational institutions and beyond.


Immigration Services From Experienced Agents.

With over two decades in the field, Cross Border Freedom stands as a premier advisory firm, adept in Global Investments, Citizenship-By-Investment, Residency Programs, and Immigration Services. Our commitment lies in offering you the most robust and government-approved programs, ensuring unparalleled global freedom for travel, education, residence, and migration.


What Our Clients Say?

“Our clients consistently express immense satisfaction with the services provided by Cross Border Freedom. Many attest to the invaluable benefits of their investments, cherishing not only the second passport they acquire but also the fresh opportunities it brings to their lives. Their testimonials underscore our dedication to excellence and reaffirm the trust they place in our expertise.”


An Expert Advisory For Great
Value For Visa

Citizenship by Investment

 A direct pathway for individuals to acquire second citizenship through significant financial investment in a country, offering enhanced travel freedom and other national privileges without the typical residency requirements.

Residency by Investment

A program allowing individuals to gain temporary or permanent residency status in a country by making a qualifying investment, paving the way for potential future citizenship, and providing access to the nation’s benefits.

Immigration by Investment

A tailored initiative for prospective immigrants seeking a more permanent status in a new country, facilitated by making substantial investments in specific sectors, ensuring a smoother transition and integration into the nation.

Student Visa

A designated visa category for international students, permitting them to pursue academic or vocational courses in a foreign country, offering them the chance to benefit from global educational standards and experiences.


Global Citizenship & Residency Through Strategic Investment.

With 20 years of expertise, Cross Border Freedom offers tailored solutions, ensuring optimal immigration outcomes for clients. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive assistance, valuing transparency and prioritizing client confidentiality.

Here’s the breakdown of our successful client/applications percentages:

Business Immigration Visa
Visitor Visa
Student Visa

Cross Border Freedom ensures the clients are well informed at every step and prioritizes their confidentiality and satisfaction above all else.


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