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St. Lucia Visa-Free Countries [2023 Update]

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st. lucia free visa countries

Certain passports are perceived as “more influential” than others in the global context. The mightiest passports worldwide are those that grant the highest degree of travel flexibility. The more countries a traveller can access visa-free, the more powerful their passport is. Saint Lucian citizens can travel visa-free to more than 140 countries worldwide. However, Saint Lucian passport holders must apply for a visa to enter the remaining countries beforehand.

Several indices rank the strength of passports based on their holders’ ability to travel visa-free to other countries.

In this post, we aim to examine the standing of the St. Lucian passport based on some of the most globally acknowledged passport indices.

  • Henley Passport Index: The framework and content of the index rely on data supplied by the International Air Transport Authority (IATA), bolstered and enriched by comprehensive in-house research and publicly available online data. The index incorporates 199 distinct passports and 227 diverse travel destinations. the Henley Passport Index is updated on a quarterly basis. According to this index, St. Lucia is the 32nd most powerful passport.

The Henley Passport Index: Q1 2023 Global Ranking

  • Arton Capital’s Passport Index: The methodology utilized in this Passport Index is rooted in exclusive research from open-source platforms and official information granted by governmental agencies. Arton Capital’S index contemplates passports from 193 member nations of the United Nations along with 6 chosen territories. Territories not issuing their own passports are omitted and not accounted for as destinations. Countries that dispense passports, irrespective of whether they implement independent visa policies, are treated as destinations. According to this index, St. Lucia’s passport power rank is 27.
  • The Nomad Passport Index: The Nomad Capitalist Passport Index was formulated with the purpose of showcasing the world’s premier citizenships. The evaluation criteria extend beyond the realm of visa-free travel (50%) and incorporate aspects such as international taxation regulations (20%), global image (10%), the allowance of dual citizenship (10%), and individual freedom (10%). According to this index, St. Lucia’s score is 87 and is ranked 67.

These rankings are updated regularly as countries’ visa policies change. Remember to check the most current information if you use these indices for travel planning.

Various Investment Approaches to Obtain a St. Lucia Passport

  • A non-refundable contribution starting from $100,000, or
  • Investment in Government Bonds commencing at $250,000, or
  • Real estate investment beginning from $300,000.

Reasons to Consider Applying for Second Citizenship in St. Lucia

St. Lucia, renowned for its splendid landscapes and balmy climate, also presents considerable travel privileges to its citizens. Moreover, St. Lucia embraces dual citizenship, meaning individuals can maintain residency in their homeland while benefiting from St. Lucian citizenship’s extensive visa-free travel opportunities. Possessing a St. Lucian passport bestows the freedom to visit over 140 countries worldwide without a pre-arranged visa or with the provision of obtaining a visa upon arrival.

Speaking of the power of the Saint Lucia passport, the passport covers countries such as the UK, EU nations (Schengen countries), Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, and much more. Furthermore, it provides unhindered access to various African and Caribbean nations as well.

Europe’s Schengen area and the UK rank among the most significant regions that can be accessed with this passport. When compared to the expenses associated with acquiring European, Canadian, or American passports, the cost-effectiveness of the St. Lucia passport becomes apparent. Indeed, if the individual’s primary objective isn’t residing in the respective country and they merely require a passport to enjoy travel freedom, securing a St. Lucia passport presents a viable option.

The other privileges that come with owning a St. Lucia passport can be outlined as follows:

  • This passport enables citizenship for dependent children under 25 and parents above 65
  • There’s no obligation to maintain a physical presence in St. Lucia
  • The application can be submitted digitally.
  • Procuring this passport doesn’t demand educational qualifications, an interview, or managerial experience.
  • This passport facilitates visa-free travel to over 140 countries, encompassing the Schengen zone, the UK, and Singapore.
  • Furthermore, there’s no requirement to pay global income tax.

List of Visa-Free Countries with St. Lucia Passport

Catalogue of Countries Offering Visa-Free or Electronic Visa Access with St. Lucia Passport:

Andorra visa-free/90 days
Angola pre-visa on arrival
Antigua and Barbuda visa-free
Argentina visa-free/90 days
Armenia eVisa/120 days
Austria visa-free/90 days
Bahamas visa-free/90 days
Bangladesh visa on arrival/30 days
Barbados visa-free/180 days
Belgium visa-free/90 days
Belize visa-free
Bolivia visa on arrival / eVisa/90 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina visa-free/90 days
Botswana visa-free/90 days
Bulgaria visa-free/90 days
Burundi visa on arrival/30 days
Cambodia visa on arrival / eVisa/30 days
Cape Verde visa on arrival (EASE)
Chile visa-free/90 days
Colombia visa-free/90 days
Comoros visa on arrival/45 days
Congo (Dem. Rep.) eVisa/90 days
Costa Rica visa-free/90 days
Croatia visa-free/90 days
Cuba visa-free/30 days
Cyprus visa-free/90 days
Czech Republic visa-free/90 days
Denmark visa-free/90 days
Djibouti eVisa
Dominica visa-free
Dominican Republic visa-free
Ecuador visa-free/90 days
Egypt visa on arrival/30 days
El Salvador visa-free/90 days
Estonia visa-free/90 days
Eswatini visa-free/30 days
Ethiopia eVisa/90 days
Fiji visa-free/120 days
Finland visa-free/90 days
France visa-free/90 days
Gabon eVisa/90 days
Gambia visa-free/90 days
Germany visa-free/90 days
Greece visa-free/90 days
Grenada visa-free
Guatemala visa-free/90 days
Guinea eVisa/90 days
Guyana visa-free/90 days
Haiti visa-free/90 days
Honduras visa-free/90 days
Hong Kong visa-free/90 days
Hungary visa-free/90 days
Iceland visa-free/90 days
India eVisa/30 days
Iran eVisa/30 days
Ireland visa-free/90 days
Israel visa-free/90 days
Italy visa-free/90 days
Jamaica visa-free
Jordan visa on arrival
Kenya visa-free/90 days
Kiribati visa-free/120 days
Kosovo visa-free/90 days
Laos visa on arrival / eVisa/30 days
Latvia visa-free/90 days
Lesotho visa-free/90 days
Liechtenstein visa-free/90 days
Lithuania visa-free/90 days
Luxembourg visa-free/90 days
Macao visa on arrival/30 days
Madagascar visa on arrival / eVisa/90 days
Malawi visa-free/90 days
Malaysia visa-free/30 days
Maldives visa on arrival/30 days
Malta visa-free/90 days
Mauritania visa on arrival
Mauritius visa-free/90 days
Micronesia visa-free/30 days
Moldova visa-free/90 days
Monaco visa-free/90 days
Montenegro visa-free/90 days
Mozambique visa on arrival / eVisa/30 days
Nepal visa on arrival/150 days
Netherlands visa-free/90 days
Nicaragua visa-free/90 days
Nigeria pre-visa on arrival
Norway visa-free/90 days
Palau visa on arrival/30 days
Palestinian Territories visa-free
Panama visa-free/90 days
Papua New Guinea eVisa/30 days
Peru visa-free/180 days
Philippines visa-free/30 days
Poland visa-free/90 days
Portugal visa-free/90 days
Romania visa-free/90 days
Rwanda visa on arrival / eVisa/30 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis visa-free
Samoa visa on arrival/90 days
San Marino visa-free/90 days
Senegal visa on arrival/30 days
Seychelles tourist registration/90 days
Sierra Leone visa on arrival/30 days
Singapore visa-free/30 days
Slovakia visa-free/90 days
Slovenia visa-free/90 days
Solomon Islands visa on arrival/90 days
Somalia visa on arrival/30 days
South Sudan eVisa
Spain visa-free/90 days
St. Vincent and the Grenadines visa-free
Suriname visa-free/180 days
Sweden visa-free/90 days
Switzerland visa-free/90 days
Taiwan visa-free/30 days
Tanzania visa-free/90 days
Timor-Leste visa on arrival/30 days
Togo visa on arrival/15 days
Tonga visa on arrival/31 days
Trinidad and Tobago visa-free
Tunisia visa-free/90 days
Tuvalu visa on arrival/30 days
Türkiye visa on arrival / eVisa/90 days
Uganda eVisa
United Kingdom visa-free/180 days
Uzbekistan visa-free/30 days
Vanuatu visa-free/30 days
Vatican City visa-free/90 days
Venezuela visa-free/90 days

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