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How to choose a country for investing in real estate

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How to choose a country for investing in real estate

Diversification is key to safeguarding your assets in today’s unpredictable investment landscape. International real estate investment emerges as a powerful tool in this regard, promising a host of advantages. Let’s delve into the compelling reasons why this strategy should be a top consideration in your investment plan:

  • Currency Advantage & Considerations: Investors can leverage their capital to acquire more when investing in property. It’s crucial to remember that exchange rates can fluctuate significantly. Investing in reliable and stable markets is advisable to protect your wealth from potential currency depreciation. This strategy ensures that your investment retains its value, regardless of currency market dynamics.
  • Increased Net Worth and Potential Returns: International properties, particularly in places like Cyprus or Greece, can be significantly cheaper than comparable properties in many other countries, offering high potential returns and an increase in overall net worth.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Investing in international real estate allows you to diversify your portfolio. By purchasing properties in different countries, you can mitigate the risk of market downturns in any one region.
  • Income Generation: Renting out your overseas properties can generate cash flow, which can offset property costs or build a nest egg in the local currency.
  • Tax Advantages: Foreign real estate is not required to be reported to the Tax Agency every year in most countries, and renting out your overseas property can bring tax advantages in some cases, including the ability to deduct the cost of every trip you take to check on your property.
  • Residency Perks: Buying real estate above a certain value can fast-track residency in some jurisdictions, providing a safety net if you ever need to leave your home country permanently.
  • Low-Cost Vacations: An overseas property can double as a holiday or second home, allowing for low-cost vacations in a place you enjoy.
  • Gateway to Your Dream Retirement: Investing in international real estate is not just a savvy financial move, it’s also your ticket to a dream retirement. Imagine spending your golden years in a country you love, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, rich cultures, and warm communities. Many countries offer a lower cost of living and high-quality healthcare, making them ideal for retirement. Whether it’s a beachfront villa in Spain or a modern apartment in the heart of Portugal, your overseas property can become your perfect retirement haven. It’s not just about financial returns but about creating the life you’ve always dreamed of.
  • A Cherished Legacy for Your Loved Ones: Beyond the immediate financial benefits, investing in international real estate is a gift to future generations. It’s a tangible asset that can be passed down, providing security and opportunities for your children and grandchildren and offering them the chance to live, study, or work abroad. In many cases, it can also lead to citizenship, providing them with the invaluable gift of mobility and the freedom to choose where they want to build their lives. This is more than an investment; it’s a legacy.

However, investing in international real estate also comes with unique challenges, such as the lack of a Multiple Listing Service in many countries, the need for cash purchases, or the difficulties in transferring money considering the high amount, volatile exchange rate, and transaction costs. Understanding these factors and conducting thorough research before diving into an investment deal is crucial.

Top countries that offer citizenship or residency to individuals who invest in real estate

Securing your savings is more crucial than ever in today’s dynamic world. Real estate investment stands as a reliable and accessible tool to achieve this. However, the question arises, “Which country should I invest in for quick and guaranteed returns?”

  • Cyprus: Cyprus’s Permanent Residence by Investment program requires a €300,000 investment in new property. Previously, Cyprus also offered the CIP, but it has been suspended. Cyprus Citizenship’s minimum investment requirement was €2 million.
  • Malta: To obtain Maltese citizenship by naturalization for exceptional services by direct investment, applicants must contribute a minimum of EUR 600,000 for a 36-month residence period or EUR 750,000 for a 12-month period. They must also purchase a residential property in Malta worth at least EUR 700,000 or lease a property with a rental value of at least EUR 16,000 per annum, both held for five years. A donation of at least EUR 10,000 to a registered non-governmental organization is also required, and applicants must legally reside in Malta for at least 36 months.
  • Portugal: Portugal’s Golden Visa Program demands a €500,000 investment in real estate, which can be reduced to €350,000 if the property is over 30 years old. Investing in apartments in historical buildings is a safe bet as their value only increases over time.
  • Spain: Spain’s Golden Visa Program requires a €500,000 investment in real estate.
  • Greece: The Greece Golden Visa Program is recognized as one of the most cost-effective investment-based residency programs offering entry to Europe. Within just two months of application, successful candidates and their families can enjoy the privilege of visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area. Greece’s Golden Visa Program requires a €250,000 investment in real estate.
  • Turkey: Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment Program requires a US$400,000 investment in real estate.

best countries to invest in real estates

These programs offer a variety of benefits, including freedom of movement, a high standard of living, and access to healthcare and education. However, they also require significant financial investment and may have additional requirements.

If you’re unsure which country best fits your real estate investment, don’t hesitate to contact our expert consultants. They are equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process and help you identify the most suitable investment options based on your specific needs and goals. Let us assist you in making an informed decision that aligns with your financial aspirations. Considering the risks and regulations, Consulting with a professional before deciding is highly recommended.

Global Opportunities with Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment is a proven method to protect your savings. Many investors opt for residential properties, often in European or coastal countries. But how do you choose the right investment destination without extensive knowledge of international real estate market trends? Understanding the potential of the real estate market of any country is crucial before taking any strategies.

The primary investment strategies

  • buying an apartment in a new building at the construction stage to sell it later at a higher price and
  • buying an apartment on the primary or secondary market to rent it out and generate a monthly income.

Novice investors can start with popular real estate markets such as Turkey or Greece.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that countries offering citizenship or residency through real estate investment often provide alternative pathways to achieve the same goal. One of the most significant of these is through charitable donations. This option allows investors to contribute to the social and economic development of the country, thereby earning their passports or citizenship. This flexibility ensures that investors can choose the route that best aligns with their financial capabilities and personal values, making the journey toward global mobility a truly personalized experience.

At Cross Border Freedom, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive list of approved and trusted real estate projects across various countries. Our selection ensures that your investment is not just secure but also fruitful in terms of obtaining a second passport or residency.

Secure your future with smart investment choices!


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