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Obtaining a UK visa has become mandatory for Dominica citizens

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Obtaining a UK visa has become mandatory for Dominica citizens

The UK Home Office has announced the implementation of  UK visa requirements for citizens of Dominica, Honduras, Namibia, Timor-Leste, and Vanuatu. These changes were made in response to a surge of asylum claims from Namibians and Hondurans and allegations of immigration system abuse by Dominica, Timor-Leste, and Vanuatu citizens. The changes require individuals from these nations to apply for a visa before visiting or transiting the UK.

In her statement, Home Secretary Suella Braverman identified misuse of citizenship by investment schemes in Dominica and Vanuatu and a significant increase in asylum applications from Honduras and Namibia as major factors. Timor-Leste nationals were also noted for arriving at the UK border as non-genuine visitors. Despite these changes, the Home Office clarified that it does not reflect poor relations with these countries. A four-week visa-free transition period will apply to those who made confirmed bookings to the UK before the changes were imposed.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit responded to the United Kingdom’s decision to suspend visa-free access for Dominican citizens due to concerns with the country’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme. He assured the public that this decision does not represent a deterioration in the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

PM Skerrit emphasized the measures already taken and those planned to strengthen the CBI programme. These changes showcase the country’s robust due diligence and risk mitigation processes. The due diligence process, which involves multiple layers and is handled by top-rated due diligence agencies in the UK and the US, ensures that everyone seeking to attain second or alternative citizenship in Dominica is thoroughly assessed.

Dominica has led the way in regional coordination on the various CBI programmes, implementing the six CBI Principles proposed by the United States, which include mandatory interviews for applicants aged 16 years and older. The PM also mentioned that the services of a European entity will be used to conduct a comprehensive review of the entire CBI programme.

While acknowledging the inconvenience caused by the UK’s visa requirements, PM Skerrit reminded citizens that they can still travel to or through the United Kingdom and that the British government would accept online applications and even set up an office in Dominica to assist with the submission of biometrics and the finalization of applications. He expressed commitment to continue working with the UK, the European Union, and the United States to ensure the success and credibility of the CBI programme.


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